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Homemade Dog Food

Last year was a very tough year for us financially, as some knew. We literally made everything we could from scratch to cut costs where we could. Some people called us thrifty, but I prefer the term frugal. We are using what we learned over the last year to make sure we do not get to that spot again. What I am about to talk about today, is something that is highly debatable on whether or not it saves money. For us, it did because we have two small breed dogs and they do not eat very much a day. For others, it would not be cost effective and using another method should be chosen.

Once a week, I made dog food from scratch with food that humans wouldn’t consume because of dings or the meat was too fatty. For the dogs, it was perfect and it kept meat on their bones while we struggled to stay afloat.

Homemade dog food

2 lbs meat (whatever meat you find cheap, tuna and salmon packets work as well)

8-10 cups vegetables (make sure you check for veggies and fruits that are toxic to dogs)

1-2 cups broth

2 cans beans (dogs love chickpeas)


1) Place the first 4 ingredients into the crockpot and slow cook for about 8 hours. I start it late at night and finish it early morning.

2) After it has finished cooking, turn the crockpot off and only add enough oats to absorb the liquid. Dogs do not need a heck of a lot of grain so it is not necessary to have that much in the stew.

3) Dish it up into serving size containers. Our rat terrier had 3 containers a day and our beagle mix had 4-5 a day depending on how active he was that day.


Again, this recipe makes about a week’s worth of food for my two dogs. The cost was roughly $11 a week. We now feed our dog Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness, Vital Wetfood, and Greenies. We spend roughly $17/wk now on our food. I wouldn’t have switched but I started running low on time and fridge space. *laugh* The fridge space being the biggest problem.

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